Ryan Varick

Nokia Messaging


At Nokia I designed messaging software for Symbian smartphones. I worked with teams all over the world to produce sketches, flow diagrams, wireframes, scripted demoes of paper prototypes, and functional prototypes. I also produced interface specifications, storyboards, and localization documents.

Conceptual Design

I started by using paper and pencil, whiteboards, and sticky notes to explore the design space and generate design concepts.

Early sketches.

Prototyping the Alternatives

After exploring the design landscape, I worked with other members of the design team to create annotated, low-fidelity Sharpie movies to communicate early concepts. Later, I worked with engineers to create high-fidelity, functional prototypes for further testing.

A Sharpie movie, followed by a video walkthrough of a prototype.

Production Design

During production design, I used Nokia's proprietary tools to create complete interface specifications.

Flow diagramming for fun and profit.