Ryan Varick

Good Mobile Messaging


Good Mobile Messaging is a suite of collaboration apps originally developed in the early-2000s. It provided access to Microsoft Outlook on 5-way navigation/12-key devices. In 2009 I led the effort to reinvent the pre-smartphone suite as apps for iPhone and webOS. My job was to define a compelling touch experience while simultaneously satisfying time to market and legacy architecture constraints.


I produced high-fidelity mockups, visual assets, and lightweight documentation for the sprint team. I oversaw six major releases to the App Store over the course of one year. For webOS I was responsible for initial application design before handing the project over to another designer.

The sprint team needed designs quickly, so I cut a screen-sized hole in a file folder and sketched the designs on paper.

New features included on-screen status, Outlook-style folders, attachment management, calendar integration, and conference dialing.

Visual Identity

I worked with graphic designers to define a new visual identity for all of Good's enterprise products.

Visual design guidelines.