Ryan Varick

Good Administration Center


At Motorola I worked on Good Administration Center, one of the first mobile device management tools for corporate IT departments. I was responsible for migrating its PC-based predecessor to the web. I defined the information architecture, produced interface specifications, and conducted field research over the course of three releases.

Flow Diagrams

I used flow diagrams to ground design discussions and help the product team work through complex features.

Flow diagram for a certificate management feature.


I produced detailed, pixel-level interface specifications as part of a waterfall development process. Good times.

Modal design specifications, before I read Luke Wroblewski's excellent book on form design.

Usability Testing

After the initial launch, I conducted off-site usability tests. While we got a lot right, I also found a number of areas we came up short. The experience taught me the value of low-fidelity testing earlier in the product cycle.

Test report.

Cross-platform Design

Good Administration Center supported pre-smartphone mobile devices. I designed a stripped down interface for Windows Mobile and Symbian Series 60.

High-fidelity comps I prepared.