Ryan Varick

Building tools for the analog researcher

"Extended analog computation is a modern re-interpretation of traditional analog. It is an alternative approach to computing, useful in circumstances that often prove difficult or impossible for conventional digital systems. Scientists use hybrid digital-analog machines to research areas where this new form of analog demonstrates potential. For many individuals, learning to use these machines effectively is an unintuitive and time-consuming process. jEAC (pronounced "jay-ak") is a graphical interface designed to help researchers better understand the behavior of the extended analog computer. Developing jEAC posed an interesting challenge: the lack of previous work in this field afforded an opportunity to practice interaction design in an emerging discipline."

This site expands upon the issues presented in the paper. It is part of a larger research interest in extended analog computing.


  1. Capstone Proposal
  2. Final paper (PDF)
  3. Capstone poster (PDF)
  4. Other information, largely unsorted

Relevant projects

  1. First iteration: EAC Toolkit
  2. Second iteration: jEAC